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Molly Stephen  

I was born April 1, 1999 in Bennington, Vermont. At the time, my family and I lived in Manchester, Vermont. We moved back to Berkshire County in 2001.

My Father and mother lived in West Stockbridge after they were married in 1993. My father's mother lives in Alford, and I love to visit her and her big fat cat Pablo. My father's father lives in Cambodia, so I do not get see him much; He usually visits one or two times a year.

My mother's mother and father live on Cape Cod and I spend a lot of time with them in the summer. We go to the beach, I play kickball with Grandpa (I always win), and I like to go out on the boat fishing with my father. Last summer I caught a huge flounder and my dad did not catch a thing that day!

I began Kindergarten this year at Williamstown Elementary School and I really love it. I ride the bus to and from school and that makes me feel very grown up.

- Molly Stephen (written by Sean Stephen for his five year old daughter, Molly)